What is the role

This is a unique opportunity for an ambitious, multi-talented individual who wants to see the inside of a fast-moving startup and work closely with the founders.

The ideal candidate is a future entrepreneur, a problem solver and a doer who is willing to work hard and do a wide variety of non-glamorous tasks for a couple of years to learn how companies are run, learn, and make connections.

You will work directly with Rabbit's CEO and co-founders, with the simple goal of helping them drive things forward and keep the organization ticking

This means: The level of work you'll do is only limited by your capabilities. Are you capable of: Designing a presentation? Researching a market? Creating a financial model or run investor calls? Great, as long as you're also willing to make copies and run errands.

Essentially, you should be highly overqualified to be an assistant, but not have a problem doing assistant-like tasks. In exchange, you'll get unique visibility into a unique company, a great learning experience, and the chance to move on to do great things.

Who is the best candidate

- 3-5 years of experience in a management consulting or high impact positions

- Solid ability to analyze data sets, find meaning in the chaos

- Clear bias for action

- Strong communication skills - you will be be dealing with the entire organization and beyond. won't be easy but will be fun!